Best military watches 2018 under $ 1,000 USD

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e haven’t taken the liberty of creating a list of military watches that are proven to be of the highest quality and that also comply with the characteristic that their price is below $1000. There are many brands of watches on the market, but we have done our job with a lot of dedication, and we are sure that you will be pleased with these durable and baronial jewelry that not only measure time, but that give you a very strong style and character.

Hamilton Khaki Field

Based on the clocks that the house supplied to the American army during the Second World War, and are undoubtedly one of its most successful collections.
Hamilton Khaki Mechanical
The so called battle clocks or field clocks have a design that is perhaps the most accessible for everyone. They are smaller and lighter than diving watches, simpler than a chronograph and more suitable for any circumstance of daily use than watches purely of clothing. These precepts are met by the Khaki Field Mechanical to the letter. The steel case is 38 mm in diameter and is completely satin-finished. It is a contrast that fits very well and gives it a touch more dress. Besides, with that diameter it looks good on practically any wrist.

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Alpina Startimer Pilot Chronograph Green

Alpina Startimer Pilot
Another company of great tradition Alpine, making watches since 1883, has this powerful option the “Alpine Startimer Pilot Chronograph Green”. It has a green dial that is very elegant and can be worn almost on any occasion. In addition it offers us the chronograph function that does not disntona with the powerful hands on those very clear numbers. Something that really fascinates me about this piece are the large numbers of the date located at 6 o’clock, which will be visible at any time. You can buy here only $ 636.80 USD

Victorinox Swiss Army Night Vision

Night light
The Swiss house by antonomasia that distinguishes itself by making products very well manufactured and at very good price. In the case of this Night Vision we propose a multifunction quartz, as it integrates three LEDs that give up to 6 different functions: from a light to illuminate the sphere to an SOS light.
Normal View
All this as always with an accurate price that leads me to what I always say: when buying a watch you always have to take into account what Victorinox has to offer. You can buy here for only $595.00 USD Or visit next site for other offers: Watch Sale - up to 60% Off

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