You have a short budget, and you want enjoy a real mechanical machine, then fortunately Seiko always comes to the rescue. The Seiko 5 of 38 mm are in fact the models more faithful to the original, appeared in 1963 to meet the following premises (as we defined in this article in which he spoke of the Seiko 5 large):

  • Automatic mechanical movement
  • A single window with date and day
  • Waterproofing (started with 30 meters and is now 100 meters, although in 37 mm models it is only 50 m)
  • Crown tucked at 4 (to be automatic it was not necessary to wind them)
  • Steel case and bracelet (now also with leather or rubber)
Seiko 5

In the case of the model we see here, which is the SNXS77, the dial is decorated in blue sunbeams and the indexes and hands are the traditional sticks, but the variety is huge in terms of configurations and colors. It’s one of the good things about Seiko 5 when you’re looking for a small or large watch: it’s hard not to find one that you like.

In addition, as always, the watch is seen in the dark because it always takes treatment of LumiBrite, the phosphorescent material developed by Seiko. And above the prices are excellent: rarely exceed 120 USD. The perfect purchase.

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