Today I am not talking about companies that have been in the market for dozens of years and have an enviable historical heritage. Today we are talking about a completely different example, of a company that is managing to reach its first lustrum “MVMT”, which makes it a watchmaking enterprise to admire its proposal and that despite the fact that the world of watches may seem very saturated, and that the space for innovation is very limited. It seems that this company has raised its voice, saying that in this world of watches not everything is written, that on the contrary youth has much to say in all areas.
Focused on the youth market giving a minimalist approach that although it is true is not new, gives a turn of nut very interesting for its proposal in colors, design and options for customization.


I have in my hands a MVMT GUNMETAL SANDSTONE that is a chronograph and date, very attractive and choose above all for its hands pale blue on a matte black background that provides a finesse and youthful spirit that is well worth emphasizing.
With its leather strap that feels very well and resting on the wrist and despite being minimalist give a very youthful and casual presence.
Definitely a clock style, to be fashionable, at least the one we have reviewed does not focus directly on being so precise because it lacks numbers in its entirety, leaving only a few small marks on the main dial to easily evidence the time, the exception of the numbers is the date found at 4:30 in a small window that does not hinder the overall style of the clock. A detail that I found very prominent is that the main hands are hollow which allows you to see the date even when any of them is on the date or the secondary hands.

Looks great in the video !!!

A feature that I liked very much is that in your online store you can choose the size of the box normally 40 or 45 mm, a great advantage for people who have their wrist thin and that many times 45 mm watches do not fit well on the wrist of the user, you can also choose a second strap in the same purchase.
The prices are truly affordable for almost all pockets around $ 135 USD, definitely a very excellent option.

Definitely it is to take note of this company that is reaping many successes with these beautiful fashion watches and you can see that they are listening to their customers, which is a business feature that to my taste is quite scarce in the business.
You can buy in their online store, highly recommended.
I hope you like this small analysis, that the guardians of time give you a good day.

Check out their promotional videos

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