MeisterSinger, single-hand watches.

Germany has a great history in the watchmaking industry, which is based from its inception on the high quality and durability of almost any product produced in this country. So it is no wonder that watch mechanisms are as good as Swiss ones. Today I will write about a company that is making different watches and going back to the roots of analog indicators, so much so that they are making high quality single-hand watches. In addition to having fully tested machinery and the feature I mentioned earlier, they are made with impeccable designs, today we will know a little about MeinsterSinger.

A little bit of History

Classic Plus

From 2001, Manfred Brassler founded MeisterSinger back, he wanted to create an alternative to wristwatches that showed time as something constantly racing along. With a minimalist vision, he had already gained a wealth of experience in watch design – and drew most of his inspiration from historical single-hand clocks to make timepieces that only show their wearers what is really important and give them a general overview, instead of bothering them with the hectic passing of seconds that they don’t really need to worry about. Nevertheless, MeisterSinger watches are easy to read because Brassler gave their dials the practical, clear readability that classical gauges and measuring instruments still have today – and which makes them unmistakable.

Beautiful Pangaea Day Date


With its day and date ring open under the glass, this watch is the alternative to calendars crowded with dates. An interesting option to congested timetables is now also available with either an ivory-colored or a sunburst blue dial.

You can buy this beautiful watch in Montredo, around $ 1,400 USD:

Meistersinger Salthora, Exquisite machine

Powerful and precise: The technology and the look of this unique timekeeping concept are dedicated to the same compelling idea.

To appreciate its great machine working the better option is a video.


To show us the hour only view digit number at twelve, and minutes in the traditional unique hand.

You can get this watch around $ 1,900 USD.

Meinstersinger is a great company with excellent watches. When you want to use a watch with single-hand, this is an excellent option not only for the style but also for its excellent machinery.

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