TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 16 Chronograph

The new TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 16 Chronograph, which appeared at Baselworld 2018, are a refreshing vision of TAG Heuer’s mythical Carrera, very different from the models we have seen lately.

TAG Heuer Carrera
Simply beautiful

TAG, in recent years, has shown a very clear tendency to follow the path of its sister Hublot group, with large watches not so much by the diameter of the case – a maximum of 45 mm, but by its height, above 14 mm. In addition, the profusion of skeletonized spheres is overwhelming (like these in colors or this in black). It is not something negative, because the truth is that watches are attractive (no doubt thanks to the so-called “educational” work of Hublot). But it is also true that the classic Carrera is missed.


Tag Heuer Carrera Classic luxury watch

Tag Heuer Carrera Original
Classic Original Carrera

Let’s remember that the Carrera will be 55 years old in 2018. The watch appeared in 1963 as a tribute to the Carrera Panamericana, a very tough and dangerous race that runs along 3,000 kilometers of the Mexican portion of the “Autopista Panamericana”. It was designed by Jack Heuer himself.

But there is no doubt that these TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 16 Chronograph are a breath of fresh air in the collection. It has been released in both blue and black, but the size has also changed: the case has been reduced to 41 mm, which is a very sensible measure (and used before) for a chronograph that aspires to be universal. The height is still remarkable and the handles solid, so it does not lose an iota of its sporting strength.
The bezel is ceramic to ensure a life without degrade or lose the color. In addition, the water tightness is still guaranteed up to 100 meters, which allows the watch to be removed from the circuit and taken to the swimming pool or the sea.

Tag Heuer
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